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From one Suzuki-ite to another, great job!


Awesome. And also slightly insane.

Whose birthday? Chopin's 200th? Or someone more current?


Good lord, that is amazing. I love looking at your cakes.


YOU did a fabulous job! Beautiful, love it! :)


That is seriously the most amazing cake I have ever seen----when did you develop this mad cake-making skill??


This is a seriously cool cake and I love that you used your math skills (although you need to fix the spelling of calculus except that maybe you used calculous correctly because that means the presence of calculus so what do I, your mere MOTHER, know!). I wish your grandmother could see these cakes. She would be so seriously impressed with her musical granddaughter who happens to have a Masters Degree and is now a master baker!


Oh man, I LOVE IT!


This cake is amazing! If I wanr someone to replicate it over here (Wales, UK - thats if you don't mind) I think I might need the measurements, diameter of cake and stand etc. Would you be able to tell me these please? Totally understand if you want to keep that info to yourself of course. Hope you don't think I'm being cheeky in asking.


I noticed your cake on a local business page and they are claiming they made it, just thought you would like to know.

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